The Truth About TRAVEL HUMIDOR In 3 Minutes


COHIBA Cedar Wood Travel Humidor Cigar Leather Case Portable 6 Tubes W/ Cigar Humidifier Cigar Humidor Box Outdoor

A travel humidor is a device that you can use to transport and store your cigars when you want to take them with you. These devices will help maintain the freshness of your cigars wherever you decide to go.

What a Good Travel Humidor Does

A proper travel humidor is going to maintain at the relative air humidity in your humidor and keep this at a constant level. It’s going to help keep your cigars safe and free from damage.  A travel humidor is also going to make it convenient for you to move your cigars around traveling to different locations where the humidity levels might be different.


A Standard Humidor, What to Expect?

Are many different humidors you can get for your cigars you can get for travel. They will be made out of a wide range of materials. The interior of your humidor is usually made with Spanish cedar but other materials can also be used. The outside of the box is using made with materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or leather. The cigars in the box might lie Loosely next to each other or there could be a divider between the cigars. The device keeps the cigars secure while you were traveling. If you were to just put them in a bag, they would move all around and they might get crushed.

  • Humidification


You must make a note of the humidification that the humidor is going to use. If you’re using a humidor that is quite small, it might have the humidity or in the lid and the evaporation surface of the humidity or will be directed towards your cigars. In this case, there is usually not enough space between your cigars in the humidor lid when this is close. The cigars that are directly beneath your humidifier are going to probably get damaged. This might be fine for short trips, but longer trips you could have issues with your cigars.

A better option for a smaller humidor is a stick humidifier. These will be placed next to your cigars and your evaporation surface are going to point towards humidifier lid. This gives you more distance between the humidifier and your cigars. if possible, you should also store your cigars in an aluminum tube while they are in the humidifier.

  • Crade Humidor is a Good Option

One of the better types of travel humidors is one that uses a cradle. This is where the cigars will lie in a concave groove. The cigars won’t slip out of the cradle and this makes an ideal humidity or because the cigars are not going to be moving around while you are traveling. If the cradle of the humidor is large enough you should be able to accommodate most cigar sizes. If you have a short cigar you can always place pieces of foam in the cradle area so the cigar can’t move around. For cigars that are closer to the humidifier, they should be placed in tubes. You can take some cedar veneer and then placed us between your cigars in the humidifier to keep those cigars that are next to the humidifier in good condition.  


  • A proper humidor protects your cigars from damage
  • Allows you to travel with different sized cigars if you have the right humidor
  • You can take your cigars with you and not have to worry about them
  • Many travel humidors allow you to secure your cigars from theft


  • They are not designed for long-term storage
  • Some might not be entirely airtight
  • Some can lack the space required for different sized cigars

Top 10 Cigar Humidor Products

Alligator Cigar Humidor Travel Portable Humidor Case Box with Cedar Wood – 4-6 Cigars  

Portable Leather Cigar Case with Cedar Wood

This cigar humidor will hold up to 6 cigars and keep them in perfect condition. This makes a perfect gift for yourself or those that you care about. Rooms with a windproof lighter as well as a cigar knife. This box is made out of cedar wood and it measures 210*130*60mm/ 8.26*5.12*2.36inch.  


Best Travel Humidor – Portable Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor Pouch


This travel humidifier is made out of genuine leather. Its maximum length is 160mm/6.30inch and has room for 5 cigars. It also has room for a cigar holder, cigar cutter, cigar lighter, and other things that you need for your cigars. Please note that these accessories do not come with this humidor, so you will have to buy them separately.  

Cigar Humidor Gift Set with Lighter Ashtray Cutter Holder

Luxury Cigar Gift Set with Lighter Ashtray Cigar Tube

This humidor gift set includes everything you need to get started with cigars. You get a lighter, ashtray, cigar drill, cigar tube, cigarette holder, and a cigar cutter. It has everything you need to take care of your cigars. 

Leather Travel Humidor – Best Portable Leather Travel Cigar Humidifier Gift Box

This box is made out of cedarwood and leather. It comes in either brown or black. It gives you capacity for four cigars. It comes complete with one humidifier and one cedar tray. The size of this box measures 25cm x 20cm x 15cm (9.84in x 7.87in x 5.91in).  

Leather Travel Humidor – Portable Cigar Case

COHIBA Cedar Wood Travel Humidor Cigar Leather Case Portable 6 Tubes W/ Cigar Humidifier Cigar Humidor Box Outdoor

This box is made out of cedar wood and leather. It comes in brown and it has a capacity for 4 cigars. It’s the perfect cigar gift for both yourself or friends.  

Leather Travel Humidor Cigar Jar W/Humidifier Hygrometer

Leather Travel Humidor Cigar Jar W/Humidifier Hygrometer

This cigar case is made out of cedar wood and leather. You can get it in black or yellow. Its full capacity is around 5 cigars. You get one humidifier with your purchase and one hydrometer. Dimensions of this jar are 21 × 10 × 10 in.  

Luxury Cigar Humidor Box with Cedar Wood

Luxury Cigar Humidor Box with Cedar Wood

This cigar box is made with cedar wood and it also includes a moisturizing cabinet. The size is 270*220*85mm/ 10.6*8.66*3.35inch. This box would make an excellent gift for a friend or for yourself so you can store your cigars.  


Travel Cigar Humidor – Shockproof and Waterproof

Travel Cigar Humidor – Shockproof and Waterproof

This cigar humidor box is both waterproof and shockproof. It’s the perfect box to help you carry your cigars with you. The box is made out of Aviation PC which helps keep the cigars from getting wet. Your cigars will also be humidified to the right level. this box comes in either orange or black. It has a capacity for five cigars.

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