The Secrets of Cigar Lighters

Buying cigars and then smoking them is an enjoyable experience. Another part of the cigar smoking experience is actually lighting one up and taking those first few puffs. You need to be properly equipped with the right light to light your cigar successfully. Here is what you need to know about cigar lighters.


Types of Cigar Lighters


Zippo Lighter


You might be tempted to light your cigar with a Zippo lighter. The problem with this is that this sort of lighter is fueled by oil. The fuel uses paraffin as its base, and this leaves an unpleasant and strong taste, so it’s generally not recommended that you use a Zippo lighter. If you use the Zippo, let it burn a little bit before you put it to your cigar as some of the older is going to dissipate.


Butane Lighter

Mini Cigar Size Jet Flame Lighter 1 Jet Flame

Butane is a lighter fluid that is quite odorless, so it’s not going to impact the flavor of your cigar. This is a good type of lighter to use for lighting your cigar. You will find many different butane lighters on the market. One popular option is the butane torch lighter. This creates a concentrated and intense flame that gets the cigar lit quickly.


Wooden Watches


Wooden matches will work well for letting your cigar. They are a better choice than a simple paper match. The paper match simply isn’t going to get hot enough, and it will burn out quite quickly without lighting your cigar successfully. Make sure you buy decent quality wooden matches to light your cigars with. you may go through a couple of matches to get the cigar successfully.


Cedar Spill


A traditional way of lighting a cigar is by using strips of cedar, which are called spills. It’s simply a tightly-wound piece of cedar it looks much like a cigar itself although a lot thinner.  This is a pure and natural material, and it won’t ruin the flavor of your cigar. You may get a slight cedar essence, but it’s usually not too powerful. These burn quite slow and last a long time, but you also have to be wary of the ash they leave behind, and it can be a little messy. Light the spill and then use the spill to light the cigar.


Why No Regular Lighter?


You might be tempted to use a plain cigarette lighter such as a disposable lighter. The problem with this is that the disposable lighter is going to take a long time to light the cigar and the lighter itself will get quite hot. A torch lighter is wind resistant, and it’s going to get the cigar lit quickly.

You also want to avoid the lighting any sort of cigar on a stove. This will create a very bad smell, and it is simply going to make your cigar smoking experience a very unpleasant one.


Top 5 Cigar Lighter Gifts


Cigar Gift Set with Lighter and Cutter

Cigar Cutter and Ligher Gift Set

This cigar gift set contains a single cigar tube, cutter, lighter, and an ashtray. It’s made out of metal and merbau. The size of this gift set is 40*115*35mm and would be perfect for any cigar lover.


Cigar Gift Set with Lighter Cutter and Single Cigar Tube

Luxury Cigar Gift Set with Lighter Ashtray Cigar Tube

With this gift set, you get a cigar cutter, cigar lighter, and a cigar tube. It’s made out of metal and color to Gold. The size of this set is 150*210*45mm. This would be the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about as it has everything you need to get started smoking cigars.


Cigar Lighter Windproof

Cigar Lighter Windproof

It could be difficult using a lighter to light your cigar in windy conditions, but this lighter is windproof mitts made with alloy material. You can get it in grey, silver, or gold. It measures 112*40*30mm and makes it easy to light your cigar wherever you are.


Gold Ripple Zine-alloy 1 Torch Jet Flame Professional Cigar Lighter

Mini Cigar Size Jet Flame Lighter 1 Jet Flame

The material for this professional cigar lighter is made with a zinc alloy. The lighter features a torch jet flame, so it’s easy to light your cigar. There is a gold ripple pattern any black weave pattern that makes up the design of the lighter. It measures 68mm×35mm×17mm, and he’s a professional style lighter for lighting all of your cigars.


Luxury Cigar Cutter and Cigar Lighter Gift Set

Luxury Cigar Cutter and Cigar Lighter Gift Set

This luxury gift set contains a cigar lighter and a cutter for cutting all of your cigars with precision. It’s made out of metal, and you can get it in gold or silver. It measures 140*133*38, and it’s the perfect gift for any cigar lover.




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