3 Cigar Cutters That Will Enrich Your Smoking Experience – What to Know

It’s painful to see a high-end cigar getting ruined by a cheap cigar cutter. Your significant investment and your smoking experience will turn bad when the cutter you have does not live up to its purpose. You can avoid this problem by selecting the cutter based on its functions and cutting style. In doing so, you’ll know which cutters to use for an enjoyable experience.

1. Guillotine Cutter

Travel Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel

The guillotine is the standard single-blade cigar cutter that removes the entire cigar cap. This universal cutter sports an inexpensive design and allows more smoke to pass through. While there are high-class single blade guillotine cutters in the market, most of its type falls under the low to mid-level quality.

Guillotine cigar cutters also come in double-bladed types of three standard styles. The first type has one static and one moving blade while the other has moving blades courtesy of the thumb and forefinger. The third type comes with spring-loaded blades that have a locking feature when not in use. Spring-loaded cutters also fit at the palm of your hand.

Dual-blade guillotine cutters are more effective than single-blade ones because the two blades come from opposite sides to create an opening. Compare that to a single-blade cutter that may crush the cigar while removing a stable base.

While the guillotine cut is also the most effortless cigar cut to perform, perfecting the move requires precise motion. This is why it is the most preferred way of cutting a cigar. Unfortunately, guillotine cutters can only open specific cigar circumferences and may have difficulty cutting 60 to 70 ring gauge cigars.

2. V-Shape Cutter

Triple 3 Blades Stainless Steel Silver Cigar Cutter Scissors

Experienced cigar smokers prefer this cutter because it takes the right amount of tobacco from the cap. The v-shape cutter performs deeper cuts that expose more tobacco than the guillotine, resulting in a richer draw of tobacco while smoking. Since this cutter gets to job done for a wide array of cigar shapes, you’re better off buying a pricier one because cheap cutters of this type go dull quickly. Consider the purchase of a v-shape cigar cutter as an essential investment since re-sharpening low-quality ones is a difficult chore that often turns into a failure.

3. Punch cutter

Vintage Bronze Cigar Punch Cutter

Unlike the two previous types, the punch cutter does not remove the cigar’s entire surface. Instead, it creates a small circle that is big enough for smoke to penetrate. This cutter uses a push and twist motion to leave a dent through the cap, making it ideal for small and narrow cigars. However, those who prefer a restricted draw of tobacco use the punch cutter for larger cigar types.

Smokers who want to draw more tobacco must punch a bigger hole through the cap. Punch cutters sport a bullet-shaped design that draws raves among smokers. Some also feature spring-loaded rods that push the plug from the cutter. On the downside, however, punch cutters are difficult to re-sharpen, and it is not an ideal cutter for figurado cigars like pyramids, culebras, and torpedos.

Keeping your cigars flavorful

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