3 Reasons You Should Always Have a Lighter on You – What to Know

Fire is arguably one of the most ground-breaking discoveries ever made. From helping our ancestors improve their quality of life and protecting them from predators, to being used today to create amazing dishes and construction, the fire has played a considerable role in human history.  In the past, sparks of fire were created by rubbing […]


Our Guide to Top Humidor Materials for a Quality Cigar – What to Know

Whether you’re a casual cigar smoker or an aficionado, investing in the right accessories and storage is crucial to maintaining the quality of your collection. This is where a high-quality humidor comes into play, which is designed to maintain the optimal conditions that allow your cigars to retain its value and vigor. Cigars will stay […]

3 Cigar Cutters That Will Enrich Your Smoking Experience – What to Know

It’s painful to see a high-end cigar getting ruined by a cheap cigar cutter. Your significant investment and your smoking experience will turn bad when the cutter you have does not live up to its purpose. You can avoid this problem by selecting the cutter based on its functions and cutting style. In doing so, […]

Our Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Cigar as a Gift – What to Know

If there’s a major holiday, birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion coming up, veer away from the usual and opt for something different as a gift—a cigar. This is a perfect gift for a cigar lover or a unique giveaway for your friends or your loved one. A cigar smoker will surely enjoy the taste […]

Fall In Love With These Cigar Gifts

It can be difficult to find great cigar gifts. If you searched for cigar gifts and not found anything that works for you, this guide will help you find something. These would all make an excellent gift not only for yourself but for someone you care about.   What to Understand Before You Buy Before […]

The Secrets of Cigar Lighters

Buying cigars and then smoking them is an enjoyable experience. Another part of the cigar smoking experience is actually lighting one up and taking those first few puffs. You need to be properly equipped with the right light to light your cigar successfully. Here is what you need to know about cigar lighters.   Types […]


6 Types of Cigar Cutter

  When you smoke any cigars, you have to cut it properly. Cutting your cigar is one of the basic experiences you have when you want to smoke. Many people don’t understand how they should be cutting their cigar and end up using tools that simply don’t work. If you use the wrong tools, you […]

The Truth About TRAVEL HUMIDOR In 3 Minutes

  A travel humidor is a device that you can use to transport and store your cigars when you want to take them with you. These devices will help maintain the freshness of your cigars wherever you decide to go. What a Good Travel Humidor Does A proper travel humidor is going to maintain at […]

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